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Untold Stories With Ruby-Ann

Three years ago, I was pushing a tiny child into the world – in the height of a pandemic, with PTSD, undiagnosed ADHD and although I didn’t know yet, I was about to encounter the most severe postnatal anxiety, depression and OCD on the other side.
Pandemic parents what we did was astonishing – a lot of us had no NCT classes, alone in appointments, masked in labour, birthing partners joining only at end stage of labour, no baby showers, distance from friends – family and support – many of us were let down by healthcare providers, our birth plans ignored, the precious moments of our birthing stories we were hoping to cherish are tainted. It’s deeply saddening g to think about – I feel a great loss for everyone that had to do it like that. I don’t think I will ever really be able to convey what was going on for me then in its entirety. I didn’t think I would survive. I’m so thankful I did because my kid bring so much light into my life and this world, I’m grateful to be here to witness it.
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Heritage Project Ruby Anne