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Trauma Support

Trauma, the new buzz word! But what is it and how can it affect us? Trauma is exposure to an experience or series of experiences that cause physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual harm. Generational Trauma, is this idea that trauma can be transferred from one generation to another.
The fight or flight response is one of our most primitive survival systems and is designed to allow us to act in the face of life threatening danger. When we are struggling with symptoms of trauma our fight or flight response is being triggered; even though there is no present danger, we are constantly reliving what happened and igniting the feelings all over again. Symptoms of trauma may manifest in the following ways:
By neutralising the emotions, our brains can process our memories so they can be stored as a past event, no longer triggering our fight or flight response.

Our Holistic Coach Imani Chimo creates a safe place for you to understand how your mind and body has stored trauma.
‘we will tap into your nervous system, whilst simultaneously exploring how you respond to real life situations and triggers’.

Sessions will include holding space, reflective sensory writing, deep breathing guided meditations, mental reprogramming, self compassion exercises and energy shifting from a cellular level.

Courses are available.