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It Takes A Village

At Holding Her Space we are passionate about ensuring our village is equipped with the tools they need to feel nurtured, listened to and better informed for birth and beyond. Pregnancy and Birth are significant rights of passages, through millions of years, for many cultures around the world. One of many delicate transitions from girl to woman, womanhood into motherhood, boy to man, manhood to fatherhood to name the most prominent.

Educational Pop Ups

Our Pop Ups give our community an opportunity to be up, close and personal with our team providing on the spot support, signposting, advice and information. Find us in community centres and hubs, events, clinics and more!

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Birth Prep Courses

Education is one of our most essential and impactful tools as birth workers. We understand the value of being ‘aware’ during pregnancy. The awareness of your rights, awareness of your body and its changes, awareness of your environment and its impact on the birthing body, understanding of the maternity system and navigating through it, and awareness of your emotions, feelings, and hormones helping you or hindering you during birth.
A mother’s intuition is her greatest gift during pregnancy and birth, and a little added awareness can go a long way. We provide courses to inform mums about their choices, resulting in safer and empowered births.
Our courses include information on the following:

Doula Training Courses And Mentorship

If you have answered yes, you may be interested in our NEW UPCOMING BIRTHWORKER PREPARATION COURSES and MENTORING PROGRAM.
Holding Her Space Ltd will be hoisting a new Holding Space Preparation Course for inspiring birth workers who want to delve deeper into the role of a doula, what it means to be a doula, holding space as a birth worker and networking with other doulas in a culturally competent and safe space.


Join our Retreats emailing list to find out about our retreats and be first to sign up.! Our retreats will include:
A retreat should do exactly what it says in the name, retreat! Retreat from hectic day-to-day and retreat to a safe space catered and tailored to you!

Join Our Village

Our HHS Village will work under the 5 pillars:

Pregnancy and Birth Work
Holistic Therapies
Counselling and Group Safe Circles
Skill Up and Personal Development

Our vision for the village is to provide skills, support and enhanced tools to encourage health and well-being for new parents and the wider community. STAY TUNED!

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