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What Is A Doula?

A doula (pronounced doo – la) is a birth companion/keeper supporting and serving women through conception, pregnancy, childbirth, early parenting, miscarriage, induced abortion or stillbirth. The word is carried with the meaning to ‘serve’.

Our role has many branches, from simple acts of listening to ensuring you have all the tools, information and confidence you need to have the birth you desire. Doulas have been around for centuries, with some concepts relating to ‘Granny Midwives’ who were central to healthcare during segregation, providing healing and holistic birth support in their communities until the 20th Century. 

The role of ‘mothering the mother’ would automatically be allocated to the older women in the family, such as grandmas, who would also use holistic and traditional techniques to support overall well-being. Modern-day doulas continue this legacy of holistic support.

How do we 'serve' you?

We use traditional, holistic informative approaches to serving our women and families on their journey through emotional, practical and educational support.

What does that look like?

Conception Doula: We work with some of the best womb specialists in Manchester to support and educate you on womb health, birth prep and planning, Antenatal support: We will assist through the antenatal period to help prepare you for your pregnancy and birth.. We have you covered in sessions, from debriefing past births, gentle yoga to the physiology of birth.
Birth Support: We commit to being on call for our mums four weeks before the expected due date, right until you birth your baby. No matter how long it takes for your little one to arrive, we will be there.
Postnatal Support: Having the necessary support when your little one arrives is vital. We provide postnatal support as part of our packages for our mums, whether you have full doula support or need extra help in the postpartum period

What We Do

What we do as doulas. It is pretty simple, we serve. We meet you where you are and tailor care that supports you and your family emotionally, physically and spiritually. We serve as a constant presence of support and an emotional anchor for our clients, whether as a hopeful expectant, pregnant or a new mother. Our team and expertise provide comprehensive support, wherever you are along the journey.

How do I register for a doula?

Doulas And Boundaries

The role of a doula will differ from doula to doula. From full spectrum to supporting our mums and families through a specific phase, we tailor our support to meet your needs. Each doula will have boundaries of what they can and can’t provide throughout the time they work with you.
It is, therefore, essential to clarify these boundaries during the initial meeting and specify what you feel you need. We will do our best to accommodate you as much as possible. If you need something out of our role, we will signpost you to the best service that can best support you. We at HHS are here to walk with you through birth and hold space for you and your family.

Here To Make A Difference​

Doulas/ Birth workers support women and families in various situations, with different pregnancies and births, to make a wide range of parenting choices. The services offered vary significantly according to the needs of the women, couples or families we support. As doulas, we do not take a clinical role and do not administer medication or examinations. We also are not miracle makers, although it would be lovely to be.
Birth can be unpredictable and a very spiritually, mentally and physically demanding process. Having an open mind and preparing as much as possible for the ebbs and flows of where your labour will take you is the most beneficial thing you can do. We are here to remind you of your power, that you have the right to informed choices around your birth and to help you feel safe when at your most vulnerable.

Changing Outcomes For Black Women

At Holding Her Space, we prioritise providing support for women from Black African/Caribbean backgrounds. Most of our projects extend to supporting women and families from South Asian and Disadvantaged/Marginalised groups. Our tailored support ensures the women and families from these groups receive culturally appropriate care and support throughout pregnancy and early parenthood.
Statistics show that the experience of birth for women from Black and brown backgrounds has been disproportionately worse in comparison to their white counterparts.
We know this disadvantage has little to do with ‘black’ and ‘brown’ bodies and more with necessary changes in birth culture and care provided. Our work has helped identify the lack of awareness around these communities’ cultures and their traditions in birth.. We are passionate about changing the narrative around the outcomes for our communities, one birth at a time.